Links: Here are some links to other websites that readers might find interesting: This is the website of Dr.Carsten Burkhardt, a german dentist who has devoted years to its construction. It is almost certainly the most comprehensive reference of paeonia on the web. However, Dr.Burkhardt is also a keen philatelist and for several years now the site has not been updated because of work he has been doing in his practice and also on his philately site. However, he has now stated (on the site) that in 2016 he will begin work on it again.     These are the websites of Don Smith, one of the Americans active in raising intersectional (Itoh) peonies. They are packed with interesting information about his work with these fabulous plants and have many superb photographs.                                                                                       
This site contains a vast amount of information about peonies, ranging from ‘Peony Portaits’ ‘Peony Breeding’,’Peony History’,’Recommended Plants’ and many more.
This is the website of the American Peony Society and is well worth a look. The opening series of photographs is superb. This is Facebook and the Society has a page on it. Just search for ‘The Peony Society’ This is the Peony Show Garden in The Netherlands. It has been established to allow growers, salesmen,retailers and wholesalers to see over 700 varieties of peonies growing in one location. Mainly of interest to professionals, there are many interesting images of the grounds and the plants. Another example of the vibrant Dutch plant industry, this time devoting itself to peonies.